Environmental Actions

At Elka Australia, we believe that every action we take to help the environment makes a difference.  This means with our toys, in our warehouse, in our office, on the road – and more.

Some of the actions we take are:

  • Use clean, recycled PET product to fill our toys.
  • Comply with the list of Hazardous Substances and the World Wildlife Fund’s  ‘No Go’ products.
  • Ensure dyes used in our products are lead-free.
  • Recycle waste paper and packaging within our warehouse.
  • Reduce plastic wherever possible.
  • Regularly maintain our vehicles to ensure the lowest possible carbon emissions.
  • Continually explore all aspects of manufacturing for more eco-friendly alternatives.

Ethical Labour Code of Conduct

It’s important at Elka Australia to know that our own staff and staff in our overseas factories adhere to an ethical, equal opportunity code of conduct.

We visit our factories overseas regularly and only deal with companies whose values resonate with ours. That means decent wages and conditions, high standards of health and hygiene, and no child labour.

Social Responsibility

We regularly donate and provide products to help raise funds for charities and numerous hospitals.  We also support efforts to improve conditions for people, animals, and the Earth.

Company Beliefs

We are committed to acting responsibly and with integrity in all our business dealings and with our professional interpersonal relationships.